“Why our customers come to us with new opportunities...”
“We offer a comprehensive range of services to clients, enabling them to access a range of experience and expertise under one roof.”

The IBER-OLEFF sees customers as partners with whom it works to ensure a value creation chain. Many customers think of us as an extension to their in-house design and engineering resource. To help you to create unique product characteristics is our aim. Get in touch with us and we wire show you new perspectives - “creative potential from development to production”.

Project Management

“We´re constantly thinking ahead to generate, build and manage solid customer support”

As innovation, quality and time-to-market are determining factors for every company´s success, IBER-OLEFF has adopted since its creation a methodology based in Full Service Supplier, i.e., complete and integrated service, ranging from concept and design, engineering, developing and prototyping, to industrialization through production of pilot production or large series.

Our project managers stay in constant and permanent contact with our customers – along project and product lifetime. Continuous communication and the exchange of ideas are always regarded as most important, guaranteeing that we stay involved and are able to react on the spot-service at the highest level.

Product Development & Engineering

“We are in this business for years...
...continually thinking ahead”

Innovation and Design it is our response to a world in constant change, and the driving forces behind our consistent growth. Innovation means challenging what already exists, seeking constant progress through the generation of new ideas that give us an advantage. This is applied to the whole product cycle, from the concept phase through to delivery of the final product. Design works in coordination with engineering and manufacturing to offer the best technical solutions while at the same time guaranteeing quality and customer service.

Our engineering teams competences are supported by up to date software tools according to our needs and customer requirements, as well as, doted of the most advanced technical skills. In terms of communication platforms, we can easily share and exchange ideas and data needed, safely and securely. Graphic software applications – e.g. and CATIA V5 - allow us to convert ideas into first drafts and leading to 3D product layouts and, finally, serial production.

Testing & Validation

“Addition to development...
...guarantee functionality.”

To evaluate whether or not a product complies with regulations, specifications, or conditions imposed at the start of a product development phase, IBER-OLEFF has its disposal several testing and validation technologies/equipments: image control systems, climate control room, vibration test equipment, endurance testing equipment, air leakage testing, color and luminance equipment, color measuring – fixed and variable angles, measuring equipment of layer paint thickness and gloss.


“The right resources to do the job”

Three-dimensional computer images will not address questions related some superficial effects and functional aspects. Prototypes are always developed in close cooperation with our customers, our advance product design personnel and the project management team. Together we define the data and specifications of the parts for a first draft. Through extensive tests we make sure that our part reliably meet all the functional expectations. When released we develop first pre-production models with special tools and processes.

Providing cutting-edge rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing solutions for a wide range of applications in a broad array of materials, IBER-OLEFF as an associated of the IBEROMOLDES Group, has at its disposal the most advanced technologies, namely: vacuum casting; rapid prototype tooling; high speed milling prototyping; metal and plastic Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) , three-dimensional printing prototyping, Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM); and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) prototyping.


“Developing means comprehensive thinking”

IBER-OLEFF offers much more than solutions. Optimized and integrated technologies in processes are critical for success and our main guidelines - we develop unique and creative process concepts. Our flexible tooling technology results in efficient serial production.

Apart of our technical-professional expertise, we benefit from the constant technical IBEROMOLDES´s support, which already has 65 years of expertise and experience in this specific and critical business.


“We have know-how and we are well-equipped to provide complete technical solutions”

Process development is not an end into itself – it is established to satisfy clear objectives: best in quality and best in value towards your and our competitiveness.

Our manufacturing engineering team optimizes all of our production processes, developing new resources while focusing on cost-reduction besides optimization and changes to existing processes, new technologies and processes, as well as, new materials and trends play a significant role in our R&D process. This way we stay innovative, flexible and economically reasonable - “your production is our benchmark”.

A car interior contains a large number of injection moulded thermoplastic parts. The manufacture of functional decorated eye contact parts, is a specialty of the IBER-OLEFF. We are capable of producing high quality parts in serial production, whether the program volumes is large or small. Each part is the culmination of many thermoplastic injection, decorative and assembly operations.

In addition to decorative parts, the IBER-OLEFF also manufactures functional modules, using multi-component injection moulding technology. To give these very high-quality character, various plastics with different degrees of softness and surface characteristics are integrated in one part - “the dynamic expert for kinematic modules”.

Injection Moulding

IBER-OLEFF has high level competences and experience in single and multi-component injection, sequential injection – Tandem, low pressure injection, injection and compression Below our complete list of injection moulding machines.


“A complete manufacturing and supply solution”

IBER-OLEFF provides a complete, integrated and innovative technical finishing solution that involves different single processes:

  • Components cleanup: process performed in dedicated clean booth with ionic air control system.
  • Automated and manual painting: dedicated unit doted by automatic spray painting machines, manual spray painting booth, water base robotized painting line, four and two-color high precision tampoprinting, and laser hatching machines.


“Challenges are increasing...
...our solutions keep pace”

IBER-OLEFF has flexible as well as customized assembly processes supported on high skilled and experienced personnel. The assembly workshops are organized for each product line, and they are also equipped with the test benches to ensure the high quality and safety levels.

The IBER-OLEFF’s assembly workshops integrates the most advanced processes: assembly lines, pallet assembly lines, plate assembling aero-conveyor, image control systems, laser hatching machines, hot air welding machines, ultrasonic welding machines, vibration welding machines, thermal welding machines, hot stamping machines and robotized grease application.


“Availability is important...
...even better when it’s guaranteed”

Our customers demand innovative logistics solutions to assure their performance. We provide value added supply chain management, stockholding and distribution services covering a wide product portfolio. IBER-OLEFF, by its IT support, manages the complete supply chain delivering a single point of interface for our customer.

In order to supply custom solutions and ensure high satisfaction levels of the most and demanding market customers, IBER-OLEFF sees the logistic service as a critical factor of success. By an efficient operation, logistic team has as mission to manage the customer order and develop the production planning that ensures the customer needs in right deadlines.