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“How we´re responding to global challenges?”
“Committed to production superior precision components, with highest quality”

Who we are

Founded in 1993 and employing more than 400 people, IBER-OLEFF is dedicated to the design, engineering and production of kinematic systems and components for the automotive and electronic industries.

Since its foundation, IBER-OLEFF, innovating and introducing differentiated technologies and skills, has been playing an important role on developing and producing high added value components and systems for the automotive sector.

IBER-OLEFF´s strategic development gives particular emphasis on agility and flexibility of its layouts and team training, allowing competitive management of small series (niche models) or large series production (vehicles and products of high consumer market models).

Board Message

On behalf of all our people at IBER-OLEFF, we welcome you on visiting our website and knowing a bit more about us!!

We do invite you to take a few minutes and browse through the published information on our web pages.

Our web pages were designed to provide you with some fundamental information that will give our valued visitors a first view about our company, major products, service and support, news and opportunities.

In case you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly (see CONTACT section) or with an email through the web page direct link.

We do THANK YOU and invite you to be a frequent visitor to our website and be informed on our company updates.

Sincerely yours,

Joaquim Menezes

President of the Board of Directors


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Our Vision

To be the natural choice and to be recognized as the best supplier of functional modules and thermoplastic components for its Market segment on the European Marketplace.

Our Mission

IBER-OLEFF is a Portuguese company dedicated to the development and supply of functional engineering technical plastic components. Our mission is to generate value by providing functions in the various markets of Engineering Plastics accoinnovationng to customers' needs, meeting all its’ requirements, with technical, quality, reliable and timely solutions, in order to ensure partnership and business sustainability.

Core Values

At IBER-OLEFF, People matter the most and are the company most valuable asset and the base for success. Our sustainability practices are grounded on the values that we promote to embrace, such as:

Teamwork: Growing the business and ourselves together.

Integrity & Transparency: Open, Direct and Respectful.

Customer focus: " Can Do" attitude, Responding with innovation and improvement.

Community: Active in Social work, solidarity and in Environment.

Culture: Feeling at home anywhere we work. Willingness to learn and self-development.

We want these values to be an instrument of internal cohesion, competitive differentiation and a relationship basis with all the economic or social players, either with an interest or affected by our activity.


Governance (PT)

Markets & Customers

Markets & Customers

“Customers have unique needs...
...We seek to meet them”

Our customer profile includes many of the largest international original automotive component manufacturers, as well as largest tier-1 companies, who rely on the integrity of IBER-OLEFF products and services to meet their own exacting standards.

With worldwide presence in more than 20 countries, with an expanded presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, IBER-OLEFF has an export rate above 95% of its total turnover.

Supplier Chain

Iber-Oleff Supplier chain is a determinant factor for our continuing success. Thus, we constantly direct our efforts to attain a transparent and efficient communication with our supply base. To be aware of Iber-Oleff standard agreements for suppliers, you can download related documents here. If you have any question you wish to clarify, please feel free to contact our Purchasing Department (+351 236 210 131).

  • General Purchase Terms and Conditions
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Logistics Agreement
  • Quality Agreement

Quality & Certification

“IBER-OLEFF has always maintained commitment on superior quality for functional engineering technical plastic components”

Commitment to quality is absolute. Compliance with some of the world´s most stringent quality requirements demands that products undergo rigorous checks using sophisticated inspection and testing techniques. In order to respond to that requisite, IBER-OLEFF has several laboratory dimensional and inspection equipments and technologies in order to inspect and ensure all product´s quality requirements.

Our ethos is that “quality is in-built” to all activities and disciplines of our business and is a fundamental requirement of participation in our industries. Constant quality monitoring and continuous improvements guarantee the highest standards of quality.

In terms of certification, we offer certified quality and environmental management accoinnovationng to the IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 requirements. We continuously survey and monitor all processes through our quality management system and we train continually our production workers.

Apart from quality and environmental management certification, we are recognized by some OEMs and Tier1 customers as an accredited supplier, e.g.: FORD, BOSCH, BMW, DELPHI, CONTINENTAL, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, McLAREN and MITSUBISHI TRUCKS EUROPE.

IBER-OLEFF Certificates:

Environmental Policy

IBER-OLEFF is a Portuguese company, which Environmental Management System scope covers its industrial activities in Pombal and Marinha Grande, with production sites for technical plastic components for the automotive industry.

The Board of Directors of IBER-OLEFF, and by its delegation, the Industrial Management of Pombal and the Manufacturing Management of Marinha Grande, assume the Environment protection as a guarantee for the long-term business strategy success.

We understand the respect for the Environment as the continuous satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all Stakeholders and we intend to achieve our business objectives in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We undertake to comply with applicable environmental legal requirements and other requirements endorsed by the company.

Therefore, we consider essential and our responsibility:

  • The prevention of pollution at source, through the assessment of the environmental implications of our activities and products, the efficient waste management and the adoption of cleaner and more energy efficient technologies, in an economically sustainable way;
  • The continuous improvement of our environmental performance and carbon footprint management;
  • The rational use of solvents, chemicals, water, all energy resources and renewable energies;
  • The prevention of air pollution, through the monitoring and management of atmospheric effluents;
  • The prevention of noise pollution through acoustic monitoring and measurement;
  • The adoption of an open communication policy with all Stakeholders, particularly within the supply chain, and the active engagement of all employees, as well as of all of those who works on our behalf, in environmental management, thus contributing in a positive way to reduce the effects of climate change.


IBER-OLEFF has an information security management system and applies robust standards and controls to guarantee information security.

● Política de Privacidade e Proteção Dados Pessoais

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